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Types of Interview Preparation

Coaching is always One-on-One either at our offices or via Skype

Each Multiple Mini Interview is carried out in a seperate room or 'station'. The applicant comes to the door, reads the information on a card and has two minutes to plan their answer/debate for the specific scenario. Upon entering the door they will have approximately 8 minutes to deliver their presentation. Find out More

the Panel Interview
The primary objective of the panel interview is to assess whether you possess specific personal traits and characteristics regarded as necessary to become a competent and caring physician. It is very important you show your skills in empathy, compassion, listening and humanity. These are the key areas now looked for in a modern doctor.


Dental School

You have one chance to make an impression - make sure that you're prepared!  The scope of a dentist's work is much broader today than ever before. In addition to family dentistry there are careers involving Prevention and Public Education, Detection and Management of Oral Conditions, Restoration, Correction, Reconstruction and Surgery.  Admission to the dental program is based primarily on academic ability, personal qualities, aptitude tests, personal interviews, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Assessment and Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) scores and short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview. These are either Multiple Mini Interviews or Panel Interviews depending on the school of your choice.   Dental Association


The Midwife Education Program is a four year baccalaureate program. There are seven midwifery education programs available. Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination (CMRE) is a national written examination designed to assess applicants for midwifery registration to ensure that they meet entry-level competency standards set out in the Canadian Competencies for Midwives. Its goal is to ensure that midwives gaining registration are competent and safe practitioners providing a consistent standard of care across Canada. Let the Career Council get you prepared for your in-person Admissions interview.  Association of Midwives


Veterinary Medicine
The veterinary profession is constantly evolving with a growing demand for veterinary medical knowledge outside of the clinic. Not only are veterinarians prepared for careers in small and large animal medicine, but also in exciting fields such as government service, teaching, research and industry The four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program is highly competitive. Prior to applying to a Veterinary college you will need to complete at least two years of an undergraduate degree including eight required courses. Applications will be reviewed and those most suitable will be invited to sit the Multiple Mini Interview process. Veterinary Association


The Atlantic Bridge


For 25 years more than 4,000 students have undertaken medical, dental, or physiotherapy studies in Ireland via the Atlantic Bridge Program. Ireland has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its training and the program consists of 8 of the top schools. You must interview to be accepted into this program and we can get you ready for this life-changing interview.
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Residency & Consultancy


You are already respected as an intelligent, compassionate and determined member of your profession. Your interview will be evaluated on a much higher standard than ever before and you will be facing difficult behavioural questioning and rated on your EQ or Emotional Intelligence. Let us help you to achieve your career goals!
Canadian Residency Matching



InterviewIMGsAn International Medical Graduate is someone who has completed his/her postgraduate residency outside of Canada. IMG's refers to physicians who come from a wide range of backgrounds, such as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who went abroad to study medicine or a citizen of another country who studied abroad and is visiting Canada temporarily to study, teach, or do research. There are limited positions available for IMG's and you MUST be prepared for your interview.
For more information on IMG's go to the College of Physicians

You have worked extremely hard to become a doctor and now is the time for the critical part of presenting yourself successfully at the residency interview. Competition will be tough and spots few. The interview is one of the most stressful parts of the residency application process.  The residency interview can “make or break” your chances at matching to the residency program you want most. It is crucial to take this part seriously and to prepare diligently. We will take you through 4 hours of intensive coaching designed to be successful for each of your interviews at that particular location.

With over 15 years of experience we will cover all the questions that you may be asked and we will teach you how to answer them to your best advantage. Program directors are looking for confidence, enthusiasm and good communication skills. It will be up to you to convince them that you are the BEST candidate. You must show this in the way in which you present yourself both in appearance and with confidence, your voice tone, manners and response to critical questions - and Career Council will prepare you to be that ideal candidate!

The Canadian Resident Matching System is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides an electronic application service that matches medical students and residents to medical residency positions across the country. Through its national application and matching services CaRMS lets medical students and residents decide where to train and program directors can select suitable applicants. CaRMS