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to all of our candidates who begin their path to becoming medical professionals. You completed your interview coaching program and have been successful in being accepted into your medical university. The Career Council works hard to help candidates achieve their dream of entering medical school and we value all feedback from our clients.

"I got into the University of Western Ontario, Queen's, Ottawa and Calgary, and am waitlisted at U of T. I have decided to go with UWO, and am very excited for next year. Thanks for your help!" Sonika K., medical student 


I could not have done this without you and I completely owe my interview score to you. You have made it possible for me to pursue the career that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. I seriously can't thank you enough and I'll never forget what you have done for me.   William M.,  Veterinarian

"This was my second interview attempt for family medicine. The Career Council worked with me to build up my confidence and to deal with all possible questions. I felt very happy at the end of my formal interview and am just waiting to hear back." David L. Medical student

"I just wanted to let you know that I was offered a position in the Midwifery program! So I start the four year program this fall. Thank you for your help, it made the process and my thinking process so much easier. I will definitely recommend you to applicants next year. " Christina R., medical student

" We met a few months ago to practice for my McMaster Med interview. I'd like to extend my gratitude for all the time you spent with me practicing for the MMI. After all was said and done, I was recently extended an offer for admission (and you can bet I accepted it!). I felt confident and relaxed throughout the whole interview and it seems like it paid off big time. I could not have done it without all of your help! Thank you very much!" Sarah A.., medical student

"I'm pleased to say that I think both my interviews (at the University of Ottawa and Queen's University) went really well. The coaching was extremely helpful for my preparation because they showed me how to answer questions in a way that allowed me to properly portray myself and accentuate my best qualities. I'd like to thank you a lot for your help, I believe it had a huge impact on my performance, I was very comfortable and I think this allowed my answers to come off naturally. I will let you know of the school's answers when I get them in May. Until then, I wish you the very best." Remy M., medical student

""Working with Career Council was a great experience and one of the best investments in time and money that I have ever made. They helped me to identify the core strengths and the skills that I bring to a job. They gave me great insight into what image I project during an interview and showed me how to come across in a more dynamic and pleasing manner. Ten days later I landed an executive position!" George F.

"I was referred to Career Council by a senior Canadian doctor. Liz gave me so much time including Saturdays to get me ready. Although I was very nervous I was so prepared that I really felt I presented myself really well." Atoosa E., IMG

"I got into UofA and I'll be going there next year! I am very excited and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you very much for all the help you gave me for the interviews!" Benson W.


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