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Interview Coaching is a One-on-One process either at our Toronto offices or via Skype.
Sessions get full close to Interview times, so book now.

4 HOUR Interview Coaching
• Confidence and strength building
• Interview guidance questions and work book
• Understanding what to expect in either MMI and panel interviews
• Mock interview with questions designed specifically to your medical school
• How to address and answer ethical and health questions
• Problem solving under pressure
• Overcoming objections and weaknesses


2 HOUR Interview Coaching
This educational tool will give you an initial understanding of MMI and Panel interview techniques. It includes all of the aspects of the above in a more concentrated format. It is suitable for people who need specific fine-tuning or have budgetary concerns.



the Career Council Coaching
Our support does not stop at the end of the session. We expect to hear from you prior to your interview at which time we can tweak any areas that you feel uncertain of. Following that we encourage you to communicate with us via email with any other questions or concerns. By giving you direct access to your interview trainer you can be guaranteed of friendly and personal service.