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For 25 years more than 4,000 students have undertaken medical, dental, or physiotherapy studies in Ireland via the Atlantic Bridge Program. Ireland has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its training, an art that has been developed, literally, over centuries. The Atlantic Bridge represents 8 medical schools in Ireland - let us help you to get into the fast-track school of your dreams.

Canada has an alternative medical school and it's located several thousand kilometers east of Newfoundland. With 7.1% first-year medical school openings per 100,000 people, offshore enrollment has become a viable and necessary alternative for medical students. The Atlantic Bridge Program has become a haven for students who want to fast-track their medical education and for students who have faced difficulty in entering into Canada's medical schools. The 8 schools involved in the program are world renowned for their award-winning levels of education.

How We Prepare You

You must interview to be accepted into this program and we can get you ready for this life-changing interview.

  • We will guide you through the Irish school interview process
  • We will refine your communication skills and body language enabling you to make a great first impression
  • We will teach you how to sell yourself as an excellent student choice
  • We will bring out your compassion and commitment as a future doctor

For more information about the Atlantic Bridge Program go to:

Questions and Answers

How Long are the Medical Degree courses in Ireland?
Six years from high school
Four years with a bachelor's degree and MCAT

Is the medical degree awarded by Irish Medical Schools recognized in Canada?
Yes. There are thousands of graduates currently practising or teaching medicine in North America.

Will I be able to practise medicine in Canada following graduation?
Canadians who have studied medicine in Ireland have the option of residency training in Canada or the USA.

Will I receive as good a medical education at the Irish schools as I would in Canada?
A degree from the Irish medical schools is highly regarded throughout the world and graduates routinely secure some of the most prestigious training positions available in North America.