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You have worked hard and have been a high achiever academically. Your dream has been medicine and you have committed to this goal through hard work and extra curricular activities that show your drive and passion to achieving your dream of being selected for medical school. You are excited because you have been selected by one or more schools to interview.

You are no longer #1 of the special few. Everyone selected to interview will have the same academic ability as you. Most importantly you must face the interviewing process. Whether a panel or MMI interview it is incredibly hard. A successful interview outcome requires preparation and practice. Questions on ethical, moral, problem solving, decision making and other areas will be asked. Not only do you have talk on each subject for 8 minutes but you have to articulate with confidence. Additionally you must present yourself with the attributes and qualities that the medical profession deems necessary to succeed. Only 25% of students interviewed will be awarded a spot - make sure one of them is yours!

The Career Council can help you to achieve your goals. We have a 98.5% success rate of getting our clients into the school of their choice. Get the crucial feedback that shows you how you appear in an interview situation - learn from it and improve. We will teach you how to take each question and provide informed and intelligent answers that will score high points and will show you how to represent yourself as the Doctor of the Future that the schools are looking for. We offer unsurpassed and completely personalized training, creating top applicants who have the knowledge, expertise and the confidence to stand out from the rest. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.